About Us

For the past 20 years, Lawson Realty has become renowned as a marketer for many of Canada’s most valuable and treasured properties. Lawson Realty®, in keeping with this extraordinary reputation, has become a globally recognized leader in the representation and disposition of distinctive real estate.

Our Commitment

Is to turn the typical moving, renting, buying, or selling a home in this country which is often an impersonal and time-consuming process full of unexpected surprises and experience on its head.

Our Mission

We are not just a real estate company, we create optimum investment portfolio with an intention of serving our customers with total dedication while maintaining the highest standard of excellence.

Our Passion

Our passion for Canada and its people inspires us to make this transition as easy and insightful as possible. Lawson-Realty presents an unparalleled opportunity to showcase exceptional and unique properties to the most qualified local and worldwide clientele.

Why Lawson-Realty?

This dynamic housing company is now modernizing the experience of buying and selling real estate by cultivating a spirit of collaboration, innovation and integrity. Fostering a culture of partnership in which all our clients are represented in a cooperative environment by all of us, therefore ensuring our buyers and vendors have a competitive edge in the market.

Our Values

• Customer-centric, quick and efficient service delivery, proactive feedback
• Problem solving, zeal, drive, passion, commitment
• Creativity, breaking new grounds, originality
• Uprightness, high ethics, above board, exemplary
• Effective communication, relationship building, motivation, capacity building
• Dedicated team players, brand loyalty, working together

Our Team

Our team is filled with real people that have real expertise, combining diverse backgrounds with knowledge of a market that includes over 1,000 exclusive Real listings. And we won’t just help you find the perfect place, but make sure you connect with your new neighbourhood too.



Possessing a wealth of knowledge about our local neighbourhoods and suburbs, we are well prepared to assist you from beginning to end, helping you feel at ease throughout the selling or buying process.

Saleability Marketing Plan

We will suggest specific improvements and modifications to enhance your home's salability, create a customized marketing plan that best highlights your property's features in the current market and present you with a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), which helps determine the best listing price and probable sales price.

Property Listing

We will work behind-the-scenes to ensure that your home is visible to potential buyers in a variety of ways. Upon listing your home, it will be entered into the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), placed on our company website along with tried and true methods to sell your home at the best price and in the optimum length of time.


To ensure the best showing possible, we will make your home inviting and welcoming by creating mood lighting, adjusting the temperature and adding decorative touches.


We will inform you of any offer on your home. You can count on us—this time in the art of negotiation to get you the best deal and help facilitate moving the offer to a final sales agreement, and a closing



We are a full-service real estate company offering the most comprehensive real estate services in the market. Our results-oriented approach provides our clientele with optimal solutions.

Brokerage Services

Buying or selling your home will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience when you work with Lawson-Realty and our innovative and effective methods for generating successful results quickly and efficiently.

Renting Services

Our experts provide complete support, helping you find your dream home while staying well within your budget. Lawson-Realty guarantees satisfaction! Our personalized approach and dedication are second to none.

Property Management

Lawson-Realty offers comprehensive property management services for property owners and commercial businesses. We can handle it all, from documentation to occupancy, maintenance and overall management of your properties.

Property Listing

The kind of first class service that creates customers for life and generates countless referrals and only first class results. We will help showcase listings tracked with online statistics to attract potential qualified buyers.




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